Stand Up Against Bullying

“Be sure to taste you words before you spit them out.”


By: Jiesel Prado

Are you being bullied in your school? Do you see someone who is being bullied in your school? No worries because here are some tips to prevent or stop it.

  • Stand up for people who are being bullied. Let those bullies know that bullying isn’t cool. Let them know that bullying can lead them to trouble.
  • Take an anti-bullying pledge. Make an anti-bullying pledge and share it to your friends, classmates and schoolmates.
  • Take some actions. Request for an anti-bullying club or organization. Have some anti-bullying symposium etc.
  • Talk to other people. Socialize with your classmates or schoolmates so that they will know you better.
  • Talk to your teachers or principal. Let them know that you are care about the issue. Let them know that you want to avoid this issue.
  • Ignore the bully and walk away. Don’t give your attention to the bully. Just walk and ignore him/her.
  • Talk to the bully. Tell that bully to stop and tell him/her that you will inform your teachers that you are bullying him/her.
  • Pay attention to the people you spend time with. Be with your friends that is nice to you.
  • Don’t back down. Let that bully know that bully see that you are scared. Let that bully know that you can stand up and speak up.


Early intervention and effective discipline and boundaries truly is the best way to stop bullying, but parents of the victims or therapists cannot change the bully’s home environment. Some things can be done at the school level, however.

  1. Most school programs that address bullying use a multi-faceted approach to the problem. This usually involves counseling of some sort, either by peers, a school counselor, teachers, or the principal.
  2. Hand out questionnaires to all students and teachers and discuss if bullying is occurring. Define exactly what constitutes bullying at school. The questionnaire is a wonderful tool that allows the school to see how widespread bullying is and what forms it is taking. It is a good way to start to address the problem.
  3. Get the children’s parents involved in a bullying program. If parents of the bullies and the victims are not aware of what is going on at school, then the whole bullying program will not be effective. Stopping bullying in school takes teamwork and concentrated effort on everyone’s part. Bullying also should be discussed during parent-teacher conferences and PTA meetings. Parental awareness is key.
  4. In the classroom setting, all teachers should work with the students on bullying. Oftentimes even the teacher is being bullied in the classroom and a program should be set up that implements teaching about bullying. Children understand modeling behaviors and role-play and acting out bullying situations is a very effective tool. Have students role-play a bullying situation.

Rules that involve bullying behaviors should be clearly posted. Schools also could ask local mental health professionals to speak to students about bullying behaviors and how it directly affects the victims.

  1. Schools need to make sure there is enough adult supervision at school to lessen and prevent bullying.

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