Emotional Transition Phenomena

“When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper; They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.” – Chris Colfer


By: Ralph Anthony Cabrera

     Based on http://www.competitive.org.ph by Asia Report, it was claimed that Filipinos are the third happiest people around the world because of the fact that we always smile despite of the problems and challenges each of us encounters. However, some studies shows contradictory statements about being happy of Filipinos. The site http://www.psychologytoday.com says that the more happy you are, the more possibility of being depressed. Well, for some reason, this stigma can be true…as for me, too.

Imagine a happiest person being bullied by his classmates in school, what do you think will happen? You are likely to think that he/she will just ignore that one because we will think he/she can manage that situation. But what if I tell you that happiest person is me where I am bullied for years? Through the years, I really felt like my world was going to crash down as I was soaring high for my dreams, With that violence I had experienced, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my own self as I began to experience meltdowns, thinking that bullying thing will eat  me and crash my goals in life. Just like any other person, the emotional transition from one place to another will be unexpected as they carry sensational emotions in their life and such would be taken by just one trigger, a trigger you do not expect that will cause the death of your entire soul

The emotions you are feeling are growing and growing until you do not know that you are already feeling the emotion you do not expect the most. The emotions that has grown are being developed by the emotions on which a person had been carried away to. In case of a happy person, he/she was carried away by the emotions accompanied by certain factors that can trigger more happiness. That is why a sad person is always having a hard time to adjust with the situation because of the factors that still triggers the emotion on which a person is being carried away.

Changing from one emotion to the other really happens so fast. Even you yourself might not notice that you had turned into that emotion without being aware of it. Yes we can control our inside matters but, can we notice emotional transition? The answer is no. The transition is affected by some factors like family, friends, and of course, violence.

Bullying is an easy thing to do. You can do it verbally, physically, even in the internet, or just in any way you like it. But have you ever imagined what bullying can do to a person. If you bully a sad person, you will just worsen his situation into a more sad emotion that can turn into depression (in case you do not know, depression can be really deadly). If you bully an angry person, it will trigger to a high level of anger as it will lead to more conflicts. And if you bully a happy person, everything will like fall down and shatter into pieces because he/she will not be able to cope with the situation he/she is in because he/she is not used to it. One who is physically or emotionally hurt will be carried away on what had happened as the emotions that will happen will not making them forget the thing happened as it affects them negatively.  If you just know what can bullying do to a person, would you still do it just for your satisfaction?

I just want to say this; what if you are the one being bullied, what will you feel? For bullies out there, you just don’t know what can bullying can do to a person. How about take time to recognize other’s feeling too? I think you should put your feet into other’s shoes

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