Voices by concerned citizens: “No To Bullying!”

“What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?” – Lynette Mather


By: Ralph Anthony Cabrera

    If you asked a person if they were bullied or not, what do you think would be their answer? For me, most of them will answer something like this. “Oo naman” or “Oo, siguro halos araw – araw” in lined with the fact that they are being bullied all the time. And for some who tend to answer, “Hindi pa naman” or “Medyo”, we believe that they are able to cope with situations positively but that is not the case. What the main issue is that most of the people are bullied and based on a research in America, 85 percent of the teenagers are being bullied as negative impacts are being manifested on them.

Wherever you go, we tend to see violent situations like someone being bullied physically at school or even at home or someone being verbally attacked in front of the people. But it doesn’t end there. It also happens in some forms like on the internet or we can call it Cyber Bullying. In our society today, Bullying became a part of our life. It totally became a norm or a tradition in a way everybody does it or experiences it. It became a norm because we tend to believe it is never ending as it should always happen. But for us, it has to stop where someone has to take an action, where someone has to take a stand and fight for what is right, and someone has to inspire people to do what’s good or everyone. We, the BCS, want to stop bullying before everything is too late.

Our group, Bullying Crusaders Society, is composed of members who are concerned with they way of living of people especially in teenagers who are somehow challenged. They have observed that people are being bullied in all kinds of forms for no valid reason (well, there is no really definite reason to bully someone unless you are perfect or what). We want to take a step and decided to use our voices as to promote our advocacy, which is to stop bullying. These voices were representing the people screaming for justice and equality.

Our group wanted to introduce the effects, kinds, and impacts, and everything about bullying. Through our voices, each of the problem will be addressed properly and effectively. We want to raise social awareness through our chosen platforms that will help aid the problem. We will also recommend solutions that will help individuals like you on how to positively cope with situations

What we want is to make a big difference out of small steps where we can help individuals solve the burden they carry in their shoulders

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