A Damaging Word

“Bullying is a horrible thing. It sticks with you forever. It poisons you. But only if you let it.” – Heather Brewer


By: Audrey Anne Almonina

         BULLYING. 8 letters and 3 syllables yet very damaging. Really degrading. It has been going on for so long yet the problem remains unresolved. Everyday, millions of school children attend class with fears of being bullied, of being hurt. In fact, even those schools that pride in being bully-free can go absolutely wrong. Bullying simply cannot be stopped if the bullies, themselves, would not understand the drastic impacts they are causing. In the previous article, I have mentioned that bullying affects not only the victims, but the bullies and witnesses as well. For this article, I will be focusing mainly on the effects that bullying brings to its victims.

Being bullied is perhaps one of life’s greatest miseries. And I’m not just saying this just because I think it is the best thing to say. I, myself, had known of someone who was bullied back then and−yes− it sucks more than anything else. Here is her narration: “I remember dreading to go to school. Heck even just the thought of school makes my stomach churn and butterflies fly in them. I remember having sleepless nights crying under the covers, hoping the bullies will die the next day. Of course, that doesn’t happen. But what does happen is that my self-esteem and confidence swooped downright. Then I realized I have been suffering more than I should. I realized the best thing was to change myself to show them what I can do. Instead of wasting time dwelling over the hurtful words they spew on me, I studied hard. I spent almost every free time I have improving myself. My hard work paid off. I became the rank one of the whole seventh grade class. The taunting never did stop though. Even the teachers traumatized me. But they made me stronger. The scars are still there, yes, but they displayed just how strong I become. Imagine all the battles I’ve gone through!”

I hope that whoever is reading this article right now−victims or bullies−I hope that you have taken inspiration from our anonymous person’s experience. To the victims, just keep your heads up high and be strong like her. To the bullies, PLEASE DO STOP. What you are doing, for you, might seem funny and enjoyable, but for the victims, they can get traumatizing. THINK BEFORE YOU BULLY. You don’t know what kind of pain you inflict on the victims.

Being bullied causes stress, depression, anxiety, lack of interest in school and other activities, and even suicidal thoughts and/or attempts. It causes emotional scars.

A note to the bullies: You damage the people you bully. You know how some people who damage properties go to jail, right? You sure don’t want to be labeled a criminal for damaging people, do you? Think about it. Your actions today define who you will be tomorrow.

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